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Infra Control Systems Reduce your stress and strain and Increase your production and profitability.

Our Products and Services

Reduce your stress and strain and Increase your production and profitability. Your quality Automation and Validation Partner-

Infra Control Systems is a 16 year old Leading Quality Automation and Validation Company.

We provide services to Customers of India as well as Global clients. The company is providing solution to Pharmaceuticals, Power Plants, Refineries and Petrochemicals, Steel-Cement and Metal industries, R & D Centers, Tyre Industries, Textiles, Defence, Nuclear Power Plants, OEM machine Manufacturers, HVAC Plants, Paint-Dye Manufacturers, Dehumidifiers/ Cooling Towers, Education Institutes, Engineering, Food / Tissue Culture Industry , ice cream Industry, Humidification Plant Mfgrs, Insulators / Elct. Industry , Panel Builders, MNCS, Paper industries, Sterilizer Manufacturer, Air Conditioner Manufacturer, Automobile and Air line Industries.

Companies CEO Kalpeshkumar Vaghela is highly regarded for his commitment and excellent service & support. He is an authority in Audit on 21 CFR part 11 Compliance & GAMP5. Software Validation of PLC, HPLC, SCADA, DCS, BMS, LIMS, SAP -ERP etc.. Help on Infrastructure Validation and Annex 11 also available. Customised Automation Solutions can be provided.

You can get all support related to your engineering, Quality requirement from single source. Our client list included whose who of Indian Industries. Please find basic details.

Click To see Details Products Offered by us.
1) 44 HTC Easy Log
2) EX Proof RH-T Indicator
3) HD-3008
4) HygroFlex-4
5) ICS humiditytransmitterDuct & Space
6) NIST traceable calib Setup
7) RH Controller with Sensor BHEL & GAnsons
8) RH Transmitter Cum Indicator cum Controller
9) trnsmitter Duct
10) trnsmitter Space

Services Offered by us.
1) Pharma Automation. PLC and SCADA Program and Its Modification
2) Training to your staff for above matters as well as GAMP5 and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
3) Humidity-Temp-Pressure Monitoring and Control Systems
4) Online Data Logger as well as Portable Data Loggers for shipment and refer Van.
5) Software Validation of PLC/ SCADA/ BMS/ DCS/ ERP/ LIMS etc. We are considered to be no.1 quality validation company of India.
6) We are launching world best Electronic Batch Data recording system for Pharmaceutical industries. The same software can be used by all other manufacturing plant as well.
7) Calibration and Thermal-Humidity profiling.
8) All types of measuring Instruments, Sensor.
9) Patented Motor protection relays to Stop Motor burn out problem from Single Phase, Over Load, Lock rotor, Ground Fault
10) Electronic Display Board to communicate to your staff about production data, greetings etc.

Service Support :
1) Calibration Services
2) Thermal and Humidity Profiling and Mapping.
3) Software Validation Services for PLC/ HPLC/ SCADA/ DCS/ BMS/ ERP/ SAP/ Computer System/ LIMS etc..
4) Training in GMP/ GAMP5/ 21 CFR part 11 compliance/ Annex 11 compliance
5) Regulatory Audit Support
6) Third party vendor Audit
7) SOP preparation
8) IT infrastructure Validation
9) Risk Assessment
10) GAP Analysis

Products & Service

Your Quality Automation Partner & Your Quality Validation Partner Insure yourself with best term Plan & get the real bliss in life

Complete Automation Service provider Calibration Services & Temperature profilling. Data Loggers Patented Motor protection relays. Humidity Control Systems Production Display Boards

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